The first and most prevalent aspect of this week’s blog post is the five card flickr story assignment. My most visceral reaction to this assignment was that of frustration. I had major writer’s block, and I could not drum up anything in my mind. I probably stared at the five photos that I chose for an hour trying to come up with something. There were bits of thoughts, coupled with pending images and metaphors floating around in my brain, but nothing seemed to stick. I diverted my attention from the task and started pondering my thoughts on the next daily digital alchemy I wanted to do. To my advantage, I chose the daily alchemy where I was instructed to share what gets my alchemist juices flowing. Respectively, I think that answer is pretty obvious if you know me well… music! Do you want to know what I did next? Well, I put on some music, specifically the song “Clouds” by  Before You Exit. I ticked the tab at the top of my browser and returned to my photos, and the idea hit me.

At this point, I had a vague yet working idea. The process that I employed to create the story was very important, I thought. I figured there was some way that I could incorporate the music that I listened to in order to write the piece because without it there was something missing. Unfortunately, the free plan on WordPress does not support video files, so I cannot embed the video. However, I can still link out to it. So, here you go!

“The Yellow Lines”

At first, I thought the lyrics of the song, and my narration, would clash. I don’t think the two worked against each other as much as I originally thought, but there may be other interesting ways to go about it. My goal is to evoke the same emotions that I felt writing this piece into those who view it. I finished my first story, and went straight to the collection that listed the work of everyone else. I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the very first story helterskelliter posted, Lucid Dreaming,which was absolutely beautiful. I used the five photos from that story to make another one; while I am not quite convinced that it is coherent, I was done, and that was all that mattered to me because I was exhausted.



I was a little late in the game in asking @KairosHotBots to recommend a couple of bots for me, but eventually


I got around to it, and the bot recommended @pacman_poetry and @TinyCrossword for me. Looking at both of these twitter pages for the first time was a little strange. I didn’t really get anything out of what was being tweeted. I took another look at pacman_poetry, and I noticed that sometimes the names in the pictures of the High Scores either made some sort of sense, or sounded poetically decent enough to say it is poetry. For example:





Other than the daily posts of the High Scores, there wasn’t any interaction or conversation  that I saw on the page. This particular bot does not have many followers; most of the tweets often go unliked, and does not receive many retweets at all. My experience with the other bot was very similar. This bot has more followers, but does not get many retweets or likes. In the description, the bot asks its followers (or anyone interested) to reply with their solution to the tweet-sized crossword puzzle, but most of the time the bot replies to itself with the solution at some point later in the day. I suppose there are different things that can be done with the crossword puzzles themselves in a netprovy sense, or maybe with poem prompts if one takes the words and uses them all in one poem!




Ahh now this is a special highlight. The second studio visit of the semester was my second time being able to witness and talk with awesome individuals. Chatting and listening to Mark Marino and Rob Wittig was both fun and inspiring. I like being able to pick the minds of others within the large umbrella that is English & Writing Studies. I feel students fall into a natural routine of believing that they are not “ready” or “equipped” with whatever they need to be to do the kind of work that we discuss every week, and I know this because I am one of those students. However, while I am thinking this to myself, I also know that it isn’t true. I am so grateful to have the support system and amazing professors that I do because without them I have no idea where I would be. The first step it admitting it, right? Okay, so here it goes. My name is Richonda Fegins and I suffer from imposter syndrome, but my journey is just beginning and I shall not falter.

I CAN participate in webinars and have intellectually stimulating conversations about topics within my field. I CAN score an internship or a job with my background and qualifications. I CAN do what I set my mind to, and this brings me back to a few things that Mark Marino had to say in the live webinar. The first thing that he mentioned was how happy it makes him that his students who are introduced to and participate in netprov can finally begin to experience the “freedom to be witty”. The second thing he said was regarding his hopes for what this work can do for students, which is to “shake us out of our routine , and help us to get to some place imaginatively, critically, and creatively  different.” Such lovely worlds!



This past week has been undeniably challenging, and my participation and activities for the course began much later than I wanted them to, but I am getting it done and enjoying every minute of it. I definitely faced some obstacles in my process, but it is all worth it. I am taking away so much from this course already, and we are just getting started. What is making the difference is the networked aspect of the course, and being able to connect with others and learn from them. There are individuals telling me they are learning so much from me, and it literally makes my heart swell. My only intention is to change this world through art, and I am doing that. I don’t have to wait another year until I finish my degree, or come back around to the idea when I have broken in my first career-focused job for about a year. I am doing it right now. I am making a difference, and that feels good.




4 thoughts on “Picture This!

  1. Great blog as always. I love your I Can affirmation statements. It seems really cathartic for the soul. I am certain that you can do all that you set out to do. Kudos on the taking your 5 card Flickr story and making it into a YouTube video, that I was a good idea. Maybe I will try it but I spent 25 minutes trying to add a GIF to my blog and I was still unsuccessful. Way to go on yet another successful studio visit.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. Yeah, I figured that making the video would be an easier way to get anyone who wanted to look at it a better feeling of my emotions during the process of writing it. The song really put things into perspective versus just looking at the photos


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