Okay, so we’re back. 

Not only was I completely checked out during Spring Break, but these couple of weeks back  weren’t necessarily that great. There is a lot going on, and I am constantly under a lot of stress. I get the sense that I am not the only one less than thrilled to be back in the swing of things, but not because I don’t enjoy the course… there’s just a lot going on. I hate not being able to have more time to do some of the work, but such is life, and not everything always works out in the way we would want them to. I think I was mainly disappointed because I was so excited for this past week’s activities. Working with audio and the act of editing are a huge part of my life, and I wanted to be able to go all out on these activities and really dive into it to find out more of what I can do, but for now I am just going to present what I have.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of my classmate’s work when it came to the audio  assignments. To name a couple of people, Quanesha and Stephanie had me laughing so hard with their conversations with themselves mainly because I found myself able to relate to their experiences with things.

I, too, ended up doing the conversation with myself and I thought it was funny, but then again I recorded this late one night and edited it last night; everything is funnier late at night. EVERYTHING! Here is what I came up with for my conversation with myself: 

I also did a short little narrative over Hailey’s train sounds and that will be inserted right about


Like I stated before, there was so much that I really wanted to do with my particular audio activities, but I just wasn’t able to achieve my vision in the time that I had. All in all, my work this week is just simpler than I would have liked it to be (and this is where I admit that I like making things harder for myself sometimes… in more of a “I want to challenge myself” kind of way though). So, I am going to stop rambling here  and sign off.

*sings* So long, farewell, to you my friends!!!



Telephone Sound effects: courtesy of iMovie
Car start up:
running down stairs:

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