Dear Oresia,

I honestly do not know where to start. Well, I guess I do; thanks you for your letter and kind words. I, too, feel like the alchies of arganee and the goaafies can learn to coexist. I am certain we will all continue to collaborate together and make beautiful art that can surely change these worlds around. I am excited to come visit you this summer! However, I feel I must get some things off of my chest. This journey with you has been amazing, but I haven’t had the chance to truly express to you how I feel about all that has happened in these 5 months. You have asked me time and time again not to be afraid, and to let you know all that has happened. I know you are dying to hear this, so here it goes.

I mean I can just tell you when I see you, but no no that’s okay. I’ll tell you now. I hope you check this blog because it would be awkward talking to you this way if you don’t.

Okay, so coming into this class with my professors Dr. Zamora and Alan Levine (to answer your previous question: he is not a real human dog. His twitter handle is just cogdog) has been one of the best experiences in my time here at Kean University. I think I am more moved by just knowing them as individuals. They are truly inspiring artists and scholars and have a very special place in my heart.

I had no idea what to expect from this class, and I surely never would’ve thought I would make a best friend from Tokyo! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live up to any sort of digital alchemist persona. I know you know more about it than I do, but I am still learning. As I think back to the beginning of this semester, I struggle to catch my breath when thinking of all that I have done. Oh yeah, remind me to show you that story that I started for my first recipe in Cooking With Anger. You asked me about it yesterday, and I didn’t have a chance to get back to you.

Any who, it was beyond exciting to know that I was among some amazing and talented people. From starting with just the basic elements to discussing electronic literature with Dr. Flores in Puerto Rico, zipping over to Mexico to discuss dangers of stereotyping and focusing on learning about differences in other parts of the world versus making assumptions and spreading negativity rather than love. I can’t forget visiting Arganee and the Mirror world having to bashfully share our even more chaotic world with you wonderful spirits… everything has been an invigorating and positive experience. I didn’t know what the semester was going to hold, but I wanted to make a difference with what we do. With what what I do as an artist. I went back to one of my blog posts from earlier in the semester and I said:


I am doing it right now. I am making a difference, and that feels good.


I remember that. And it still feels good. I know that my work has impacted the goaafies in my class and I never knew quite what to do after someone has told me how my work touches them. Sort of how I was with you when we first met :). I am just grateful that my work IS touching and inspiring people because that is all that I ever hope to do. I think the world needs to be reminded sometimes that despite its shortcomings and the tragedies, there are good things going on, good people still breathing, and good connections waiting to happen. It’s all good.


It's good


So much time has passed, you know? There were times this semester where I couldn’t wait to get to this class after a very rough start of the week. The memories made, conversations had and tears shed in Room 116 at the back of the library will stain my heart forever. I am just looking forward to the future collaboration with all of my fellow digital alchemists across the world. This has been one heck of a roller coaster, and I am that one anxious kid ready to get back in line to ride again. I love you all like the blood that my heart loves and receives from my coronary arteries. To net narratives and beyond, my friends. To net narratives and beyond.

Oh, I thought this would be the perfect time to do #dda42 . We were asked what our favorite brew was and I think you’d probably know the answer already after having read my experiences with my other goaafies haha. Here’s a different way to interpret brew:


My Brew


This is the absolute brew. All of the right ingredients, a pinch of destiny, and several cups of love. This is as good as it gets. My heart is full having had this creative home this semester. They changed my life and the way that I see the world. They have taught me that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to and that nothing is ever set in stone.. things are always changing… I am always changing and that learning is as fun as you want to make it. They have taught me to inspire, to change lives, but most importantly just to be myself because nobody can contribute to this world what is uniquely mine to give. I guess it is impossible to come into a class about transformation and not change in some way. I am better for knowing these friends of mine, Oresia, and I wish for you to find the same kind of solace in your world.


If you want to check out some more of the work I did just look below. Click links. View slides. You know! See you later fairy alchy!

Peace & Love,


“The Yellow Lines” (which is revised now)
Remember when Alan came to Kean? Check it out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “It’s Alright… I’m Alright: A Reflection

  1. Thank you so much Richonda for bringing such a powerful presence and participation to the class. Everything you said goes right back, and the experience of getting to meet you all in person has been the most fulfilling one I have had as a teacher.

    You stuck strong with our unusual class, and each time you shared something, it opened up a glimpse into your creativity. I expect there is much more.

    I must have missed seeing your Yellow Lines video, and it almost made me cry. I am pretty sure the photos are all mine, which are licensed to be openly shared. The irony of the first one, the photo of the two kids, is that one is me maybe around 1970 and a son of my Mom’s friend named Mitchell, who sadly passed away much much too young.

    We are glad this is not over and that we get to work with you in the fall on your Thesis project. I anticipate more great creativity.

    Have an enjoyable summer!

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    1. I apologize for the lateness with this response, but thank you so much! I truly appreciated and enjoyed every aspect of this course. I ended up seeing the caption on the picture after I wrote the poem and it moved me to tears myself. I had no idea at first. I am looking forward to working with you in the fall and thank you for creating this course with Dr. Zamora. You both are changing lives and unleashing uncapped potential. Enjoy your summer as well!


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